CICLOPS: Cassini Imaging Central Laboratory for OPerationS

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Original Build and Configuration:     Chris Clark, Josh Riley
Looking Ahead feature:     Jason Perry

CICLOPS Legacy Team 2022

Derick Rethans Software Engineer. Converted CICLOPS website to its static legacy version; created the new static search utility.
David Kavanagh Software Engineer. Migrated and installed CICLOPS research application software at new location.
Jakub Konecki IT Consultant. Migrated the static legacy CICLOPS website to the Cloud.
Ben Ramsey Software Engineer. Assisted with CICLOPS website conversion to the static legacy version.
Michael Orr Sr. Systems Engineer. Advised on operating system upgrade and options for software/data migration.
Josh Riley Member of original CICLOPS software development team. Advised on legacy website modifications.
Steve Mullins Former CICLOPS Media Relations Coordinator. Advised on CICLOPS website content management system.

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