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Tricks or Treats?

Mysterious, unsettling occurrences have recently been found in Cassini images and are finally revealed here for the first time. (Happy Halloween! ... from all of us at CICLOPS.)

Oct 31, 2008: Halloween 2008 - So Is THAT where Elvis Went? - Cassini imaging scientists have used a little-known camera filter carried by Cassini's cameras to penetrate the Titan haze and capture a rare look at mysterious carvings hidden on the moon's surface. The resemblance to a long-dead popular terrestrial musical artist has not gone unnoticed, and has resurrected old suspicions of his continued, present-day existence.
Oct 31, 2008: Halloween 2008 - Enceladus' Shocking Turn - In a shocking turn of events, and unreleased until now, Cassini's last flyby revealed that blood-red rivers of organic matter have recently begun to ooze from Enceladus' famed tiger stripes. Implications of this dramatic finding for the presence of subterranean fluids are being vigorously evaluated.
Oct 31, 2008: Halloween 2008 - Ghostly Fingers Indeed! - Using special image processing techniques, faint ghostly figures can be seen fleeing from Saturn's moon, Enceladus, into the E ring.
Oct 31, 2008: Halloween 2008 - Fields of Dead? - Quite unexpectedly, the craters of many a Saturnian moon have been found, on close inspection, to be littered with structures resembling gravestones, hinting at advanced life forms inhabiting these frozen worlds. Future lander mission are being planned to investigate.
Oct 31, 2008: Halloween 2008 - My Little Pretty - Cassini's cameras capture a rare glimpse of a previously unknown Saturnian lifeform.
Alliance Member Comments
JKoulouris (Oct 24, 2009 at 8:04 AM):
Well, not only do the great images keep coming in on time as scheduled, but it just gets to show that the genius of scientific minds can always create a treat or two for everyone of all ages.

The young children, and old alike, are just going to love these images, thanks again to Caroline and the CICLOPS Team.

This is great stuff to get our young and future generations interested in Space Exploration.

SLEEPY HOLLOW.... Eat Your Heart Out!

Thanks Irving Washington and Bram Stoker, for the almost two centuries of keeping everyone looking up.... but here we are.... HALLOWEEN has just gone COSMIC.

So, don't forget to look up at the Solar Systems' Major and Minor Moons in the dark night sky from time to time, especially on Halloween nights....

You just never know what kind of surprises may await.

Happy HALLOWEEN everyone,

John A. Koulouris,(Esq.)
Planetary Cartographer / Writer
Astereion- Orion Project,
Laval, CANADA.