CICLOPS: Cassini Imaging Central Laboratory for OPerationS
Saturn's Long-lived Storm

The longest-lived continuously monitored electrical storm on Saturn continues to rage on the planet ... five months after its initial detection. [Image advisory here.]

Apr 2, 2009: Saturn's Long-lived Storm - It is no Great Red Spot, but these two side-by-side views show the longest-lived electrical storm yet observed on Saturn by Cassini.

Apr 29, 2008: Hissing Storm - A bright, powerful, lightning-producing storm churns and coasts along the lane of Saturn’s southern hemisphere nicknamed “Storm Alley” by scientists.
Apr 29, 2008: Lightning Sounds from Saturn - Saturn has lightning, apparently deep in its atmosphere, which generates strong radio emissions, similar to the cracks and pops one hears on an AM radio during a thunderstorm.