CICLOPS: Cassini Imaging Central Laboratory for OPerationS
Faint Rings of Saturn

Dramatic Cassini images of Saturn's diaphanous G and E rings are [link {2096}]yielding new clues[/link] about their structure and formation, namely that Enceladus' geysers are the main supply for the E ring, and that a ring arc, orbiting on the inner edge of the G ring, is of the type found orbiting the planet Neptune.

Jul 5, 2006: Double-Banded E Ring - Dramatic edge-on Cassini views of Saturnís E ring, like these side-by-side images, reveal for the first time a double-banded structure similar to that of Jupiterís gossamer ring and to the bands of dust found within the Sunís asteroid belt.
Jul 5, 2006: Persistent Arc - This movie shows the bright G ring arc flashing around the inner edge of SaturnÔŅĹs G ring, a tenuous ring outside the main ring system.