CICLOPS: Cassini Imaging Central Laboratory for OPerationS
Rings and Things

Coincident with the 37th annual meeting of the Division of Planetary Sciences of the American Astronomical Society held in Cambridge, England, imaging scientists announced today a collection of exciting results from the recently concluded first season of Cassini's prime viewing of Saturn's rings.

Nov 24, 2005: The F Ring's Spiral Arm - This map of Saturn's F ring illustrates how the ghostly strands flanking the core of this contorted ring, when examined in detail, actually form a spiral structure wound like a spring around the planet.

Sep 5, 2005: The Clump/Moon Mystery - Scientists have long suspected that small moons hiding among the ring's strands might beproducing some of the unusual structure observed in the F ring.
Sep 5, 2005: Unidentified F Ring Objects - A solitary clump-like feature in Saturnís F ring orbits past in this movie sequence made from Cassini images.
Sep 5, 2005: Shaping the Drapes - This movie sequence from Cassini shows dark drapes in the inner strands of the F ring caused by the gravitational influence of the shepherd moon Prometheus (102 kilometers, 63 miles across).
Sep 5, 2005: D Ring Revelations - This montage of images from the Cassini and Voyager missions shows that structural evolution has occurred in the tenuous D ring during the quarter century separating the two missions.
Sep 5, 2005: Arc in the Tenuous G Ring - This sequence of images shows a faint arc of material in Saturnís G ring, a tenuous ring outside the main ring system.