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The Red Rose Of Saturn

The arrival of spring in Saturn's northern hemisphere, and the steady march toward summer, has peeled back the darkness of winter and given Cassini a direct view of one of Saturn's most impressive phenomena: a giant, swirling, hurricane-like vortex at its northern pole.(Image advisory can be found here.)

Apr 29, 2013: The Rose - The spinning vortex of Saturn's north polar storm resembles a deep red rose of giant proportions surrounded by green foliage in this false-color image from NASA's Cassini spacecraft.
Apr 29, 2013: Enter the Vortex ... In Psychedelic Color - This spectacular, vertigo inducing, false-color image from NASA's Cassini mission highlights the storms at Saturn's north pole.
Apr 29, 2013: Spring At the North Pole - The north pole of Saturn, in the fresh light of spring, is revealed in this color image from NASA's Cassini spacecraft.
Apr 29, 2013: North Polar Movie - This movie, made from images obtained by NASA's Cassini spacecraft, shows the clouds of a hurricane-like storm, which circulate around the north pole of Saturn out to 88.5 degrees north latitude.

Jun 10, 2013: Saturn Hurricane Movie (High Resolution) - The movie seen here was constructed from seven images taken in the red spectrum using the CB2 filter.
Alliance Member Comments
roysykes (Jun 6, 2013 at 10:33 PM):
Lovely images.

Do we yet know the reason for the hexagonal
outer structure at Saturn's north polar region?
gloetzel (Apr 29, 2013 at 6:09 PM):
WOW!!! WOW!!! Words can not express the beauty from these Cassini views of Saturn.