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New Rings Small Moons

As reported today in Science, Cassini images of Saturn's rings have revealed faint new rings in some of the ring gaps, never-before-seen ring features, and circumstantial evidence for a yet-unseen moon lurking in the narrow Keeler gap in the outer A ring. (Press release can be found here.)

Feb 24, 2005: Fingerprints of an Unseen Moon? - Images taken of Saturn's rings by Cassini immediately after it entered orbit around Saturn have turned up circumstantial evidence that an unseen moon may be orbiting dead center in the narrow Keeler gap in Saturn's outer A ring.
Feb 24, 2005: New Ring Phenomena - A collection of new ring phenomena, first observed in the sequence of images taken of the dark side of Saturn's rings immediately after Cassini entered orbit, may be evidence of the clumping and aggregation of ring particles caused by the combined gravitational effects of Saturn, orbiting moons, and other ring particles.
Feb 24, 2005: Rings and More Rings - Cassini images have revealed in some of the gaps in Saturn's rings the presence of previously unseen faint rings ... possible indicators of small yet-unseen moons.