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A Year of Splendor

In its four years of flying sentry at Saturn, Cassini has borne witness to the changes of season and the transformations they have brought to the face of the planet, the appearance of its rings, and the onset of eclipses of its many moons ... all documented in the set of heavenly sights being released today to celebrate the close of 2008.

Apr 2, 2009: Saturn ... Four Years On - As Saturn advances in its orbit toward equinox and the Sun gradually moves northward on the planet, the motion of its ring shadows and the changing colors of its atmosphere continue to transform the face of the Saturn as seen by Cassini.

Dec 30, 2008: A Full Sweep of Saturn's Rings - Details of Saturn's icy rings are visible in this sweeeping view from Cassini of the planet's glorious ring system.

Apr 2, 2009: 'Tis the Season for Spokes - Dark spokes dance around Saturn's B ring in this series of movies comprised of images taken with Cassini's wide-angle camera.
Apr 2, 2009: Darkness Falls on Rhea - The Cassini spacecraft's narrow angle camera captured Saturn's moon Rhea as it gradually slipped into the planet's shadow on August 19, 2008.
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cisco exams
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to our friendly little robot tourist; thanks for all the great postcards!