CICLOPS: Cassini Imaging Central Laboratory for OPerationS
Cassini's Diamond Anniversary

Cassini's ten years in flight are celebrated with a parade of movies and spectacle returned from its unprecedented explorations of the ringed planet. [Press announcement here.]

Apr 2, 2009: Flight over Iapetus - Cassini sails low over the surface of Iapetus on approach to its close encounter with the enigmatic moon on September 10, 2007.

Oct 15, 2007: The View from Iapetus - While on final approach for its Sept. 2007 close encounter with Iapetus, Cassini spun around to take in a sweeping view of the Saturn System.
Oct 15, 2007: On the Final Frontier - Saturn sits nested in its rings of ice as Cassini once again plunges toward the graceful giant.
Oct 15, 2007: Rainbow on the Rings - The opposition effect is captured here as a colorful halo of light moving across Saturn's sunlit rings.
Oct 15, 2007: Soft Collision - Prometheus slowly collides with the diffuse inner edge of Saturnís F ring in this movie sequence of Cassini images.
Oct 15, 2007: Grace & Beauty - Our robotic explorer Cassini regards the shadow-draped face of Saturn.

Apr 2, 2009: Shadowing Saturn - Like a silvery pearl, an icy moon crosses the face of Saturn, while two of its siblings cast shadows onto the planet.

Oct 15, 2007: Iapetan Geography - Cassini soars above the many pits and basins in the rolling landscape of Iapetus.
Oct 15, 2007: Frosty Scallops - The cold, cratered landscape of Tethys shines in stark relief in this crescent view.
Oct 15, 2007: The Crown of Tethys - The vast expanse of the crater Odysseus spreads out below Cassini in this mosaic view.
Oct 15, 2007: Rhea's Pop-up Crater - Rheaís surface gains some depth in this stereo anaglyph, which features the bright and geologically young-looking rayed crater on the moonís leading hemisphere.

Apr 2, 2009: Titan Beyond the Rings - Cassini delivers this stunning vista showing small, battered Epimetheus and smog-enshrouded Titan, with Saturnís A and F rings stretching across the scene.

Oct 15, 2007: Titan Makes Contact - The murky orange disk of Titan glides past -- a silent, floating sphere transiting Saturn.
Oct 15, 2007: Map of Titan - October 2007 - This global digital map of Titan was created using images taken by the Cassini spacecraft Imaging Science Subsystem (ISS).
Oct 15, 2007: Expanse of Ice - A scan across Saturn's incredible halo of ice rings yields a study in precision and order.