CICLOPS: Cassini Imaging Central Laboratory for OPerationS
The Eye of the Storm

A hurricane-like whirlpool with a well-developed eye ringed by towering clouds, a phenomenon never before seen on another planet, has been sighted by multiple Cassini instruments at Saturn's south pole. [Press announcement here.]

Nov 9, 2006: Looking Saturn in the Eye - Cassini stares deep into the swirling hurricane-like vortex at Saturnís south pole, where the vertical structure of the clouds is highlighted by shadows.
Nov 9, 2006: Saturn's Surprisingly Stormy South - These images of Saturnís south pole, taken by two different instruments on Cassini, show the hurricane-like storm swirling there and features in the clouds at various depths surrounding the pole.
Nov 9, 2006: The Hole at the Pole - The Cassini data presented in this view appear to confirm a region of warm atmospheric descent into the eye of a hurricane-like storm locked to Saturnís south pole.