CICLOPS: Cassini Imaging Central Laboratory for OPerationS
Moons In Motion

The cold, icy orbs of the Saturn system come to life in a slew of new movie clips showing the ringed planet's moons in motion.

Jun 21, 2006: A Tale of Two Moons - Many denizens of the Saturn system wear a uniformly gray mantle of darkened ice, but not so for these two most fascinating of moons.
Jun 21, 2006: Three Moons Meet - Janus and Epimetheus are captured swinging around Saturnís rings and past Dione in this movie sequence from Cassini.
Jun 21, 2006: Staying with Epimetheus - Three of Saturnís moons swim past in this movie sequence of images from Cassini. These sequences, called mutual events, are useful for refining the orbits of Saturnís moons.
Jun 21, 2006: The Silent Spheres - In a silent orbital ballet, crater-covered Rhea slips between Mimas and Enceladus.
Jun 21, 2006: Rhea Transits Saturn - The slim crescent of Rhea glides silently onto the featureless golden face of Saturn in this mesmerizing color movie.
Jun 21, 2006: Cruising with Pan - The small ring-embedded walnut-shaped moon, Pan, coasts along in this movie clip from Cassini.