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A Splendor Seldom Seen

Cassini has delivered the people of Earth a rare and splendid gift with this glorious view of Saturn and its rings. From all of us on Cassini to all of you, the happiest of holidays! (Image advisory can be found here.)

Dec 18, 2012: A Splendor Seldom Seen - NASA's Cassini spacecraft has delivered a glorious view of Saturn, taken while the spacecraft was in Saturn's shadow.
Alliance Member Comments
NeKto (Jan 1, 2013 at 9:52 AM):
Thanks to the whole Cassini team for another year of awe inspiring images. in a very close call, i nominate this one as best of 2012.
in any line of work there has to be some drudgery and irritating tasks. but if it ends up with things like the images shared on this web site, it has to be well worth any and all of the less pleasant moments on the job.
i sure wish someone would pay me to work on a project like this. if the idiots who think this kind of endeavor isn't worth funding actually get their way, they should be banished to Antarctica. (only because it would be too expensive to banish them to Triton.)
we have eyes orbiting Mercury, had orbiters around Venus, have orbiters and landers exploring Mars, have had orbiters in the Jupiter system, had a lander and have an orbiter in the Saturn system, flew by Uranus and Neptune, and will soon have a flyby of the Pluto system.
and i am old enough to predate all of them.
Of all the probes we have sent out, Cassini has been the most interesting, and not just because of the shear quantity of data out little robot friend has been sending us. Saturn has revealed more than enough surprises to grab anyone's attention.
Here's hoping for another year of awe inspiring images in 2013, and many more to come.