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Storm Over Mimas

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Storm Over Mimas
"Saturn's 'Great White Spot' was first observed in 1876 and has reappeared at roughly thirty-year intervals since. When it abruptly returned in 1990, the Hubble Space Telescope was hastily re-directed to Saturn and it revealed the 'Spot' to be a titanic disturbance that circled the northern half of the Equatorial Zone.

"Since then I wanted to paint this event as seen up close, with Mimas in the foreground, but the project got put aside and I eventually decided to wait until Cassini got some better images of the moon. When that finally happened, I found myself almost overwhelmed by the exquisite detail in and around Herschel as revealed by the recent Cassini images. If not totally accurate, I hope the final result at least hints at the splendor of the event."

James Hervat   © 2010
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