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The New Solar System

The New Solar System
PIA 02973

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This solar-system montage of the nine planets and 4 large moons of Jupiter in our solar system are set against a false-color view of the Rosette Nebula. The light emitted from the Rosette Nebula results from the presence of hydrogen (red), oxygen (green) and sulfur (blue). Most of the planetary images in this montage were obtained by NASA's planetary missions, which have dramatically changed our understanding of the solar system in the past 30 years. The following lists the mission and link for additional information on each object and image.

Mercury/Mariner 10



Moon/Lunar Orbiter

Mars/Viking Orbiter 1 & 2

Jupiter/Voyager 1





Saturn/Voyager 1

Uranus/Voyager 2

Neptune/Voyager 2

Pluto/Hubble Space Telescope

Rosette Nebula/Kitt Peak

Image Credit: NASA/JPL