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Jupiter from Voyager 2

This image was obtained on June 29, 1979, when Voyager 2 was 9.3 million kilometers (5.6 million miles) from the planet. The view extends from +40 to -40 latitude with size of the smallest discernible features equal to 172 kilometers (106 miles).

The broad, orange band extending across the lower half of the picture is the equatorial region of the planet. All brown and white oval-shaped clouds visible in this image were observed by Voyager 1 in early March, illustrating the stability of this type of feature in the Jovian atmosphere. The turbulent region in the lower right-hand corner lies to the west of the Great Red Spot. High velocity westward winds along the southern edge combine with eastern winds along the northern edge to produce the observed effect. These individual features are short-lived.

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Acquired: June 1979
  Jupiter from Voyager 2
PIA 01369

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