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Disturbed Region West of the Great Red Spot

This photo from Voyager 2 was taken on June 9, 1979 and is centered over the long-lived disturbed region west of the Great Red Spot (GRS). Note that the White Oval to the lower left of the GRS has a similar chaotic region of clouds to its west. This particular White Oval, which is not the same one as that seen below the GRS by Voyager 1 in March, 1979, is moving to the right relative to the Red Spot. By the time of Voyager 2's closest approach to Jupiter on July 9, 1979 this Oval will lie just south of the Red Spot.

At the time this composite was taken the spacecraft was over 24 million kilometers (15 million miles) from Jupiter. The smallest features which can be seen are roughly 450 kilometers (280 miles) across.

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Acquired: June 1979
  Disturbed Region West of the Great Red Spot
PIA 01519

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