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Uranus satellite - Miranda

This Voyager 2 image of Miranda was taken Jan. 23, 1986, as the spacecraft neared Uranus. This image was acquired from a distance of 1.38 million kilometers (860,000 miles) through the clear filter of Voyager's narrow-angle camera.

Miranda is the innermost of the five Uranian satellites known from Earth-based observations. Images from the Jan. 24 closest approach to Miranda should reveal in greater detail the region toward the bottom of this view, where a sinuous bright marking crosses a circular dark area. These features lie between a bright (high-albedo) region at left and a region of average albedo at right.

Miranda is about 500 km (300 mi) in diameter; the resolution of this image is about 26 km (16 mi).

The Voyager Project is managed for NASA by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, Calif.

Acquired: January 1986
  Uranus satellite - Miranda
PIA 01980

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