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Photographic mosaic of Saturn

This photographic mosaic of Saturn is the result of the processing of three green-filter frames obtained Aug. 20, when Voyager 2 was 5.7 million kilometers (3.4 million miles) from the planet. At this resolution, the smallest visible features are 100 km. (60 mi.) across.

This photograph illustrates the type of processing that can be used to obtain data concerning wind speeds and the evolution of individual cloud pairs. For these purposes, selected sets of data spanning known time intervals are used. Because the image processors are not enhancing three colors equally to compose a single color image, they are free to stretch and filter the data to maximize the visible structure of the color that shows the greatest contrast.

The Voyager Project is managed for NASA by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, Calif.

Acquired: August 1981
  Photographic mosaic of Saturn
PIA 01377

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