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Outer edge of Saturn's B-ring

This composite image shows two views of the outer edge of Saturn's B-ring (left) and the inner part of the Cassini Division (right) in the rings. The images were taken on opposite sides of the planet Aug. 25 from a range of 610,000 kilometers (380,000 miles).

The dramatic result of this comparison is that the thin eccentric ringlet in the inner gap of the Cassini Division is shown not to match from side to side; moreover, the edge of the B-ring differs by about 50 km. (30 mi.) as well. Scientists believe the distorted shape of the B-ring edge is due to the gravitational influence of the Saturnian satellite Mimas. It is noted, too, that much of the fine B-ring structure also mismatches from side to side, possibly indicating that they are wave phenomena.

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Acquired: August 1981
  Outer edge of Saturn's B-ring
PIA 01390

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