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Saturn's A-ring

Voyager 2 cameras acquired this photograph of Saturn's A-ring Aug. 26 from a distance of 227,800 kilometers (141,500 miles).

This view of the ring's outer edge shows a small bright, clumpy ring within the Encke Gap (center of this image) that exhibits kinks reminiscent of those observed in the F-ring by Voyager 1 last fall but not by Voyager 2. Voyager 1 saw two similar clumpy rings in this region at much lower resolution. Also visible are a bright ringlet at the very outer edge of the A-ring and several bright wave patterns in the Encke region. The small bright patch on the inner edge of the Encke Gap near the ring is an artifact of processing.

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Acquired: August 1981
  Saturn's A-ring
PIA 01952

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