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Spokes on side of Saturn's rings

Spokes are seen on the unlit side of Saturn's rings for the first time in this Voyager 2 wide-angle view obtained Aug. 28 from a distance of 3.4 million kilometers (2.1 million miles).

In order to bring out the very faint detail in the B-ring, the image was specially processed for the spokes and thus does not show the true relative brightness of the other rings. The spokes are visible as bright wedge-shaped and tilted features in the outer half of the B-ring (center of image). A time-lapse sequence to be taken later this week will help resolve the question about whether the spokes are forming on the dark side of the rings or are lit-side features seen through the rings.

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Acquired: August 1981
  Spokes on side of Saturn's rings
PIA 01955

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