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Titan Revealed
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Titan Revealed
"The surface of Titan is an especially appealing subject given that so little is known about it. This means that, in the place of laboring under the constraints of what's known, is the opportunity for illustrating what might be. In this image I sought to illustrate an extremely cold world composed of a soft hydrocarbon "soil" that has accrued over millennia of methane precipitation. Lakes of liquid methane ripple under a gentle breeze. My choice of colors is likely far more brilliant and saturated than the real thing, and while there is little reason to believe that the disk of the Sun, or Saturn itself, would be visible from Titan's surface, I added them anyway to illustrate Titan's great distance from the Sun, its relationship to Saturn, and for the pure aesthetic delight Saturn brings to a space art rendering."

Walter Myers   © 2000
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