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Saturn from Atop Titan's Hydrocarbon Haze

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Saturn from Atop Titan's Hydrocarbon Haze
"Ever since I saw Chesley Bonestell's painting of Saturn in a clear, blue titanian sky, I've been captivated by this image. As we now know, Saturn would likely not be visible from Titan's surface due to a thick hydrocarbon haze that enshrouds the moon, so I tried to imagine where Saturn may yet be seen against an Earthlike sky. My thought is that this "sweet spot" may be high above Titan's surface, near the upper layers of the hydrocarbon haze. And there we find Saturn in a rich blue sky! I took some artistic license with the inclination of Titan's orbit by raising it slightly above the Saturn's equator to better show the circular nature of Saturn's rings."

Walter Myers   © 2006
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abelias (Jan 3, 2007 at 4:51 PM):
Together with Bjorn Jonsson, Walter is one of the best in the art of rendering beautiful -and yet realistic- Saturn images, like this one. This is the modern version of the Bonestell Classic "Saturn as seen from Titan". Greets from Mexico.