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The Quiet Sea

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The Quiet Sea
"Here I show the Huygens probe descending via parachute through the dense atmosphere of Titan. I know that Saturn cannot be seen from the ground, but I assume that at some height the atmosphere must clear enough to give a glimpse of the Ringed Planet. I show Saturn with the rings casting a shadow across its face and with the same phase that the planet had during the actual Huygens encounter. The image was put together entirely in Photoshop using a combination of hand-drawn elements (e.g., the probe and parachute, Saturn, the sky) and photographic elements (clouds)."

Mark A. Garlick   © 2004
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Alliance Member Comments
john beaton (Sep 22, 2010 at 6:50 AM):
A true old school artist who uses the airbrush,acrylics and mixed media as well as the(scary)computer.
I adore your work that combines surrealism with photo realism.Your pieces transport me to another time and
place.A skill i have tried to master for years now.You have made a fellow artist very happy.