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Night Into Day

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Night Into Day
"Most of us exist in a daytime world. We think of the day as a kind of 'reality'. And yet the day is, in many ways, a deceit. What we really see during the daytime hours is an ocean of air illuminated by the Sun and creating a wonderful canopy of blue -- a comforting presence not unlike the blanket we wrapped up in as a child. Only at night do we see the true world before us: a vast, ancient, star-studded abyss. Some part of us resists the notion of a dark universe. Even this painting, Night Into Day, betrays my subconscious belief in a sunlit Cosmos: In reality, the day should be folding back to reveal the night."


Greg Mort   © 2004
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Gianni (Apr 1, 2012 at 3:21 PM):
The room of the Universe!!