CICLOPS: Cassini Imaging Central Laboratory for OPerationS
Cassini Imaging Science Team
Picture of the Cassini Imaging Team

Team members are, from left to right, back row: Joe Burns, Torrence Johnson, Alfred McEwen, Carl Murray, Bob West, Joe Veverka, Peter Thomas, Andre Brahic. Front row: Tony DelGenio, Andy Ingersoll, Carolyn Porco, Steve Squyres, Luke Dones. (Missing: Gerhard Neukum) Full size image

Cassini Imaging Team Crossing Abbey Road, London, England
Cassini Imaging Team members and associates cross Abbey Road, June 2001. Full Size Image

ISS Team Members And Associates, January 2006

ISS team members and associates, January 2006. Full Size Image

The final meeting of the Cassini Imaging Team and related others, Huntington Library, San Marino, CA, September 14, 2017. Full Size Image

Carolyn Porco Carolyn Porco
Space Science Institute, 2003-2017

Andre Brahic Andre Brahic
University of Paris
Paris, France

Joseph Burns Joseph Burns
Cornell University

Anthony Del Genio Anthony Del Genio
NASA's Goddard Institute of Space Studies

Henry Dones Henry "Luke" Dones
Southwest Research Insititute

Andrew Ingersoll Andrew Ingersoll
California Institute of Technology

Torrence Johnson Torrence Johnson
Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Alfred McEwen Alfred McEwen
University of Arizona

Carl Murray Carl Murray
Queen Mary, University of London
London, England

Gerhard Neukum Gerhard Neukum
Freie Universität Berlin
Berlin, Germany

Steven Squyres Steven Squyres
Cornell University

Peter Thomas Peter Thomas
Cornell University

Joseph Veverka Joseph Veverka
Cornell University

Robert West Robert West
Jet Propulsion Laboratory