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Sector 6

Have we discovered evidence for life on Titan?
06-07-2010  16:38:34

Fascinating idea. So if the measurements aren't a mistake and there is life on Titan, it's certainly well outside of the "life as we know it" norm. What sort of "DNA" might such a life-form carry?

Mimas "Rev 126" Flyby Raw Preview #1
02-16-2010  12:54:09

Surprised there aren't any crater rays or other geographic distortions from the big crater impact. Must've happened a very long time ago.
02-16-2010  12:50:47

Cassini came perilously close to being pulled in by their tractor beam! Brilliant picture though.

Prometheus and Dione Rev 125 Flyby Raw Preview
02-01-2010  15:06:48

Ahh, So I read an answer elsewhere about the 'stars' in the shadow -- From what I gather, cosmic ray hits to the CCD and/or shiny bits of the F-ring.
02-01-2010  12:49:51

OK, so I have to ask.. In the APOD image, it looked like there were 'stars' in the shadow of Prometheus. What is the explanation for the bright specs? Ring particles in the foreground? Pixels on their way out in the camera?

Saturn's Hexagon Reappears
12-21-2009  15:24:08

I'm betting the hexagon is basically a standing wave. I wonder if this is a feature of Saturn's atmosphere or gas giant atmosphere's in general, or does it have something to do with the acoustics of Saturn's atmosphere in particular.

Wavy Shadows
06-22-2009  14:44:52

Absolutely amazing. Is there any explanation as to why both vertical and horizontal displacement is occurring in the waves? If the moon was travelling through air, you could almost call it wing-tip vortexes.

At Last ... 'Star Trek' Opens!
05-11-2009  14:47:22

The movie was great! Although I'm still nostalgic over many (not all) of the Star Trek films, this one beats them all. Great character story and brilliant special effects. I'm assuming 'red matter' is sort of a 24th century 'dark matter'. Parts of the story were a little choppy for me. The treatment of the ice world, 'Delta Vega', was a bit awkward. It's stunning view of Vulcan would've required that it be a moon of said same. Given that Vulcan is supposed to be a hot, dry world, this seems unlikely. Given the name 'Delta Vega', this seems unlikely too.