CICLOPS: Cassini Imaging Central Laboratory for OPerationS
Sector 6

Saturn Storm Rev 142 Raw Preview
12-27-2010  21:27:31

As an old, old old aviator that doesn't look like a storm pattern, which would be counter-clockwise and the energy would be going toward the center of the storm. This more resembles an impact with the debris being deposired toward the outside of the rotation i/e clockwise. I love it even I'm wrong. RonG

A Rare Celestial Spectacle
09-21-2009  23:05:38

graurog (09/21/09

Awesome (as in the dictionary definition)

Enceladus Flyby Raw Preview
10-10-2008  22:04:29

Beautiful! Most of the images show ridges and fault lines that eppear to be composed of a series or row of tiny craters. Camera effect or vibration in craft? Images 4&5, the long darker gray smokey shapes in lower right quads...are those the plumes? They seem to cross in front of surace lines and shapes . What a thrill to examine these other worlds, thanks folks. RonG