CICLOPS: Cassini Imaging Central Laboratory for OPerationS
Sector 6

Saturn Storm Rev 142 Raw Preview
12-27-2010  14:55:44

Don't think it's a storm. This item is on the outer later of the atmosphere.
Probably an asteroid, comet, etc. check it out. doesn't even look like a storm.

Targeting the Jet Sources
08-15-2008  10:31:51

Why do you use Moslem and middle eastern names to identify areas on this and other satellites? why? What an insult to all the work that U.S. money and taxes have donated to your efforts.

Fantastic Planet
12-24-2007  13:30:04

fantastic planet? Isn't this mostly all gaseous...not a planet then. a miniature sun undeveloped, with potential planets in the future.
or is this really FORBIDDEN PLANET...remember the movie?

Cassini's Views of Titan
12-24-2007  13:27:58

when we learn how to terra form TITAN, and convert methane etc into hydrogen and oxygen, etc., this would make a nice vacation spot...
don't light any matches right now...

The Dragon Storm
12-24-2007  13:26:05

have you noticed that the item in red is actually an SOS signal???? check it out...