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Sector 6

A Subterranean Global Ocean on Enceladus
12-22-2015  19:06:02

Riffing off of the above comments, I am a great admirer of Lady Gaga's talents and efforts in a completely different venue; but here I would say to you, Caroline, you are the Lady Gaga of planetary imaging science and have provided me years of clearly written informative and exuberant text on many Cassini adventures. This article is a concise gem; but more importantly it completes a volume in the story of Enceladus. I am not implying there isn't more to discover (Can we talk sampling its plumes for life?), but it provides satisfying closer to a story arc, a question of what is this strange little (tiny!) moon and why is its message so huge? I am not sure I will be around for the conclusion of the next volume, but I will savor each new chapter as long as can. Thank you Cassini and thank you Caroline for this great and example of science at its most profound.