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A Subterranean Global Ocean on Enceladus
05-10-2017  06:02:22

It is incredible that after all these years of the CASSINI mission that one of it's most important discoveries comes in the twilight of the mission. It is amazing to have the global ocean shown so completely. Now that we know that ocean there exists and it is global, are there any chances for life within the ocean. There are organics in the plumes and the ice layer should have provided a good barrier for radiation, the heating of the water, albeit by gravitational friction or "black smokers" on the seabed, to provide us with the ideal conditions for life. Or at least as ideal as can be found so far from the Suns influence.
So I would like to ask Carolyn what her views are?

A Fractured Pole
10-16-2015  14:41:48

The feeling of almost being there sitting on top of the probe is overwhelming. What superb, breath-taking and thought provoking images these are.
I Dreamed of Falling
03-15-2015  08:58:37

Hi Carolyn,
It is good to know that you will be taking posts at the two institutions. I am sure you will bring that knowledge to the imaging team and hopefully to us too. I look forward with interest to your posts over the coming years!!
Visions of Saturn Danced in Our Heads
12-25-2014  04:30:14

Thanks Michael,
Despite some reservations of visual context to CASSINI data, you have produced an image of great detail and imaginative zest. The image gives a vision of being there despite whatothers may say. Truly fantastic work, well done.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone (Carolyn and the whole team) a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

12-25-2014  04:26:46

I like this image because despite all the images and science from CASSINI, this still gives an air of mystery to the great planet. Superb image.
Ten Years Ago Today ...
07-22-2014  08:05:19

Hi Carolyn,
When looking at these images from Saturn and it's moons, you cannot help but be in awe at the sheer vastness and grandeur of the Saturnian system. These images are not only full of great science but have a beauty that is almost impossible to imagine. I have been using this site since the beginning and I have never lost that fascination with Saturn and it's moons. As an observational astronomer I have always viewed the planet when in view and can still remember the first time I viewed it almost 40 years ago!
The images are a reminder of just how small we are here on Earth and of the beauty that circles all around us. You and the CASSINI team do an amazing job bringing us these amazing images and I thank you personally and I am sure for everyone who visits the site.
Thank you.
John Cave (UK).
The Day the Earth Smiled
06-27-2014  07:46:42

Looking in awe at these images makes me realise how tiny and insignificant the Earth is in the grand scale of the Solar System and the universe beyond. The work done by the team at CASSINI in bringing these images is nothing short of sensational. The images of the Saturn system with it's amazingly powerful atmosphere, it's majestic ring system and the myriad of sensational moons will be awe inspiring for millennia to come.

I would like to thank Carolyn and the team for all their continuing efforts. The images are truly superb.


jsc248 (John).

Arrival and Departure at Phoebe
06-27-2014  07:39:20

Hi Carolyn,
I have been following these amazing images for many years from here in the UK. My own personal favourite image came from September 2005. It is of the moon Hyperion and came out under the caption of Odd World. I had to agree with that too, this amazing image could very well be of a giant sponge!! Take a look for yourselves here and tell me what you think. it would be great to hear which is everyone else's favourite image from CASSINI.
Keep up the amazing images Carolyn and team. We all look forward to many more years of amazing images to come
jsc248 (John to my friends!!)

Mimas and Spokes
03-19-2014  05:31:09

I was looking through all these amazing images Carolyn and I was thinking, it is getting close to the 10th anniversary of this amazing probe and I wondered whether an album of some-kind might be an idea. Say the teams or your own favourite images. If it is possible then please make it a downloadable, or purchasable, album. Thanks John.

The Day The Earth Smiled
11-14-2013  07:25:26

I smiled, it's a pity I am on the dark side at this time. Great fun to think of a world all with astronomy on their minds at one given point of time!

Melanthius at Dusk
11-14-2013  07:23:18

It's amazing to see just how many large craters this little satellite has. Some wonderful science to be had from images such as this, there are a number of fracture lines emanating from Herschel. It does still look like the Death Star from Star Wars though!!

The Subtle Jet
11-14-2013  07:20:12

Beautiful detail in the ring structure. Superb image!!

Rhea 'Rev 183' Raw Preview #6
03-11-2013  14:13:38

Looks like a couple of "eyeball" craters in this slightly grainy raw image of Rhea's surface. Fantastic image!!

Rhea 'Rev 183' Raw Preview #5
03-11-2013  14:11:35

A wonderful valley and escarpments (left and upper left resp.) are shown on this amazing image. Simply stunning!!

Rhea 'Rev 183' Raw Preview #4
03-11-2013  14:09:32

A majestic terminator image of Rhea. It certainly has taken a heavy imapctor bombardment in it's ancient history. I wouldn't like to count the craters on this moon!!

Rhea 'Rev 183' Raw Preview #3
03-11-2013  14:06:45

A crater counters nightmare!! A beautiful image of the limb area, similar to the area around Gassendi on the Moon. A magical image!!

Rhea 'Rev 183' Raw Preview #2
03-11-2013  14:04:25

Again very reminissent of Rilles seen on the Moon. I just love viewing these images!!

Rhea 'Rev 183' Raw Preview #1
03-11-2013  14:02:35

Rhea appears very Lunar like in this image. It seems a shame that we will not see it this close again for some time.

Morning Star
03-11-2013  14:00:46

My comment is Simply Breathtaking!

A Splendor Seldom Seen
12-19-2012  06:17:23

I wish my old friend Patrick Moore could have seen this image, he would have been spellbound by it, as I am.
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to Carolyn and the team at CICLOPS and to all alliance members to!!

Titan and Dione
12-22-2011  17:49:18

Hi All,
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all at CASSINI and all around the world.
These images are so beautiful and thought provoking. While I am looking at these I am thinking that these and all of the Solar System and beyond are out there now, endlessly falling through space with the Earth falling with them. I find it absolutely mindbending, the shear beauty of the universe lets the imagination run riot!!

Nearly True Color Storm Close-Up
11-17-2011  15:53:47

What an amazingly detailed storm image this is. The detail within the cloud system is simply breathtaking!

Enceladus 'Rev 154' Raw Preview #1
10-06-2011  11:15:44

An absolutely awesome image. Just look at the detail in the individual "fountains" Just the place to take cosmic shower, albeit an extremely cold one!!

Dione Decoration
08-27-2011  11:01:10

What an absolutely beautiful image!
You can clearly see the "arc" of Saturn's rings as they chase around the planet. I also love images that show planets or moons "phases", simply because it is impossible to see superior phases from here!!

Hyperion 'Rev 152' Raw Preview #1
08-26-2011  11:11:37

I love this little moon and this image shows you why!!
Take a look at those amazing craters and try and spot a bit of "flat land". My favourite object in the Solar System shows beautifully in this image why it is so fascinating. Does anyone else think that this moon resembles a sponge in appearance? Great, great image!

Hyperion 'Rev 152' Raw Preview #5
08-26-2011  11:07:02

Possibly my most favourite object in the Solar System!
Hyperion always reminds me of a Celestial Sponge in appearance. These images of an amazingly cratered surface shows you why. Great Stuff!!

Enceladus 'Rev 141' Raw Preview #2
12-08-2010  06:02:43

I have to admit that I look forward to every image of Enceladus that is released from CASSINI. This one is a magnificent image of the geysers. I would question the meteorite statement though. To have a meteorite like that you would need an appreciable atmosphere which Enceladus does not possess. I would be more inclined to believe that this is a large chunk of ice being expelled from one of the stripes. Anyone agree?

'Tis the Season for Spokes
05-28-2010  13:22:18

Hi Carolyn,
I would just like to say CONGRATULATIONS on the award of the Carl Sagan Medal. The award for yourself and for the teams work since CASSINI's arrival at Saturn has been relentless and brilliant. You truly deserve the award, WELL DONE>

Special Holiday Raw Preview #3
12-27-2009  13:50:23

Beautiful images and a fascinating look at Prometheus. Cassini continues to astound the eues and fire the imagination. Happy New Year to all at Ciclops and to all the Sector 6 members!

A Rare Celestial Spectacle
10-14-2009  06:12:14

Seeing images of Saturn like these are as mind blowing as they are breathtakingly beautiful. The weather proccesses at work within the clouds create these fantastic storms for us to marvel over. To coin a phrase, they are simply "Out Of This World!".

Enceladus Plume Neutral Mass Spectrum
04-03-2008  04:52:38

These new results are tanalising indeed but I think that I'm more looking forward to the flyby in four and a half months time. The spectral analysis of organic origin is fascinating but to image the sourse of the plumes, now that (for me!) is the one to see!

Miranda - High Resolution Mosaic
12-07-2007  03:07:32

Just one look at this image of Miranda will show you why we need to go back there for more studies! This enigmatic object needs a lot more study as does the whole Uranus/Neptune system. I can't wait for another probe to get back there and send us some more images from these amazing systems.

Saturn and its satellites Tethys, Enceladus and Mimas
12-07-2007  03:02:28

I will always remember my jaw drop when I watched the first raw images coming through Carolyn, it is just a shame to think we'll never see them (the two voyagers that is!) again! John.
12-06-2007  14:12:18

It would be a shame to forget the amazing images from Voyager. The Cassini images inspire the imagination with beauty and grace but these images did the same some 27 years ago! This early image proves the point. Fantastic.

In Saturn's Shadow - the Pale Blue Dot
12-06-2007  14:18:33

There is only one word for this image "WOW". Truly breathtaking in it's beauty.

Neptune Full Disk View
12-06-2007  14:14:53

One of my favourite Voyager images of possibly my favourrite object in the night sky. A truly breathtaking image!

The Greatest Saturn Portrait...Yet
12-06-2007  14:08:04

Yhis may be an early image but, for me, is Saturn at it's very best. It is very simply an awe inspiring, classic image. Beautiful!

Blinding Saturn
12-06-2007  14:00:56

It is amazing to think that an object so beautiful and graceful, exists within our Solar System. Thank you to all the team at Cassini for continuing to bring these amazing images to us.