CICLOPS: Cassini Imaging Central Laboratory for OPerationS
Sector 6

The Day the Earth Smiled
11-12-2013  10:43:08

As I may add also, when you enlarge the blue dot, our moon is at 4 o'clock as it beams with her mother-blue dot to get picture taken by Cassini as well.
11-12-2013  10:35:14

What an amazing spectacle! We all became part of history as we glimpse the sky; the moment imprinted an event as Cassini carefully recorded in its database this blue dot we call home. An astounding enhancement of an embodiment in the universe; pictured by a human crafty handiwork called Cassini. Congratulations to you Carolyn and your team for a well-deserved accomplishment!

Targeting the Jet Sources
08-22-2008  12:22:32

Thanks all for the input and Carolyn for clarifying Saturn's m.f. bearing on Enceladus. I've learned a lot. Will any data we have tell us something, e.g. 1)how often the jets occur; 2) how strong/high are the steam; 3) do they occur when Enceladus is closest to Saturn; 4) what happens when Enceladus is farthest from its host; 5) are there steam jetting out from vents during this time; 6) if Enceladus is far from the sun's influence insofar as its freezing & melting of liquid are concerned, would it therefore suggests that Enceladus core is active at anytime? I've arranged these questions in such a way one can discern the answers to some intriguing hypothesiss that have come up with so far.
08-19-2008  11:40:41

These are great pictures for us to contribute food for thought. I am not a scientist and do not have any background in geology nor astronomy. But is it something to think of the position of Enceladus against Saturn where the later's magnetic field imposes pressure on the moon from the north if this part is tilted toward the planet that is why the vents are down in the south hemisphere. Also, icy materials inside are melted closes to the core so much so the liquid looks for vents to get out? I invite others to comment since I am not familiar with any of the things I just mentioned.

Sixty-Four Scenes from Saturn ... The Poster
11-01-2007  11:24:35

This is a high calibre ingenuity of the human race. Paul deserves this tribute. I am awestruck at the fine picturesque that the Cassini has produced. Mabuhay from the Philippines!

The Beauty of Her Veil
10-26-2007  11:16:30

I've not seen something like this. There are artist conceptions just like this, but I never thought their artistic minds are capable of drawing just like what the Casini is seeing out there. It is awesome. Thank you for all those behind the scenes who have made this view possible.