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Sector 6

The Day the Earth Smiled: Sneak Preview
07-23-2013  08:33:54

Really awesome images, and I know there are more to come. Thanks for reminding us of how beautiful and precious our little planet is to everything we know, and have ever experienced. I'll be sharing the images at Star Tours this weekend while I share the sonnet I wrote for the smile!

Sonnet to the Earth

How the wonder does thou feel from afar
Down gravity's path round sol our near star
A cradle orbits carrying within
Earth's offering of fertile wonderland
But how the better breeze from water flows
The life above the ocean waves does know
To build and craft a sail uncoils, outward
Literally the breath of life it sends
Aids in its journey outward Saturn bound
To where a pause, a second look, taken
A new eye of life’s creation shares us
Like one voyager glancing back to say
As an echoed human voice bids Goodbye
Oh, fair earth be staid, be peaceful, be kind.