CICLOPS: Cassini Imaging Central Laboratory for OPerationS
Sector 6

Janus 'Rev 163' Raw Preview #1
03-29-2012  06:06:48

Woa, get such a shot of Janus is amazing to me, such a speedy little guy must have been an engineering challenge. Congratulations. We are all so proud of your work.

Helene 'Rev 144' Raw Preview #1
02-02-2011  11:12:06

I agree with Andrew, what an unusual feature on Helene. Looks like something hit her recently.

Enceladus Rev 131 Flyby Raw Preview
06-27-2010  13:50:48

June 27, 2010, I am still trying to understand this image. Why do the geysers seem to have too much depth in this shot? I believe we are looking through the plumes toward the Sun, correct? Please help with more analysis.

Enceladus "Rev 131" Flyby Raw Preview #7
05-31-2010  08:06:02

Hey Congratulations, Carolyn! Ann D had some nice words for you. We love you , too.
Hey when are we going to see some new ISS movieclips?
Love the Moons in motion.
Celebrating "Saturnalia" here at Kopernik,
_Tish Bresee

Prometheus and Dione Rev 125 Flyby Raw Preview
01-29-2010  07:33:48

Prometheus- my first impression is UFO! Space Ravioli is close- so is that an illusion or does the center bulge? Carolyn, keep em comin' we love this stuff!

Saturn's Rings 3D
03-06-2007  06:30:26

I am accumulating a 3D "Tour of the Universe" this will be a fun part ofit!