CICLOPS: Cassini Imaging Central Laboratory for OPerationS
Sector 6

Common Questions
05-02-2014  10:23:01

Has any of the research by Ames Laboratory researcher, Dr. Norman Bergrund, ever been verified or otherwise as a result of the Cassini or similar missions to Saturn?

In Saturn's Shadow - the Pale Blue Dot
11-12-2013  11:04:32

Maybe Saturn got all the looks, but we got the air and water. Na Naa na Boo Boo!

One Special Day in the Life of Planet Earth
11-12-2013  10:59:40

Why be kind to another? We are all we have. See for yourself.

Solar System Portrait - Earth as 'Pale Blue Dot'
11-12-2013  10:55:08

No wonder we feel so alone.

The Rose
06-18-2013  14:23:47

I like to imagine what an ET field trip would be like. Just think of hopping aboard the school's 3,000-seat shuttle with my imaging device tucked away in my "Is there Life on Earth?" lunchbox along with a 2,ooo calorie Spicy Jumbo Jupiter burger ( red spot connotes chipotle flavor) and Saturn rings.
We whiz through a gap in the rings of Saturn as we head up to dive into the clouds of the North Pole there. Faaaaantaastic! Don't want to leave such a beautiful place, yet there is so much to see just around this one planet that we'll be here for days.

A Splendor Seldom Seen
03-12-2013  08:19:38

This image alone stands as absolute proof that we have not yet developed a vocabulary which accurately conveys that which is sublimely pristine on many levels. And to think, there are those among us who get the privilege of seeing this not through mechanical eyes. Yes, life is unfair.

Lightning Flashing on Saturn
04-14-2010  12:16:14

Well, that's just great. All we need is something else for the weather guys to include in their never-ending "uber-doppler" shootouts! Weather updates from around the solar system and how to dress for those bucolic Saturnian afternoon picnics under the rings.

Bizarre Temperatures on Mimas
03-29-2010  13:52:29

Pacman LIVES! (I can't be the first one to see this here.) Man, I will be hanging on the edge of my seat waiting for ANY plausible science that explains a temp distribution like this one.

Skeet Shooting Enceladus
08-15-2008  09:25:45

So, why is it that we don't have a whole fleet of these things buzzing all over the solar system? You guys have written the book on deep space imaging and data collection. There should be so much funding available now that it's not funny. You should be handed blank checks and told to go out and keep knocking our socks off.
To say I am blown away is the understatement of understatements. Those little green men out there had better make sure all of their cloaking devices are in tiptop shape and that the base camps are moved deep underground, otherwise the Cassini crew (a.k.a. the "deep-space paparazzi") is zoomin' in!

As always...job well done and thanks for all the very hard work!!!!!!


Contest Poster Winners
01-09-2008  13:26:34

Next Year, how about an all-expense-paid tour of the outer Solar System with a 3-day bonus getaway to the asteroid Eros!!! If not that, I would settle for Cassini Imaging Team/Hitch-hiker's Towel with the words "Don't Panic" written in large, friendly letters.
Well done, everyone!

Chiseled Away
09-21-2007  07:30:13

I have come to the site a number of times since the latest Iapetus flyby. I have read about the hundreds of photos taken which are all apparently exceptional to look at. PLease post them soon as well as the radar data. It would be helpful to explain what is taking this long to get more information posted, if there is some sort of problem. Thank you.