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Sector 6

A Great Northern Storm
Kevin S. Moore      
07-23-2011  23:50:42

Not a Moon. No life on a Moon. If I were Life I would
pick something bigger. Something with lots of organic
stuff to make the soup. Imgaine: a Goldie Locks zone in
the upper Saturn atmostphere. Then at the right time,
during a summer.. release the reproductive cycle after
years of hibernation like a spore or some sort of Saturn
verson of life we don't know about. In a very cold environment
only millmeters short of a frozen zone. Green like a plant
leaf. The Storm as THEY call it, may be nothing but what the
data tells THEM. Spectrographs and other hints may prove it to
be nothing but... a Saturn Storm. Lets not forget, amature
telesopes caught it first. But the photos belong to the Cassini team. Which are excellent.
Kevin S. Moore      
07-10-2011  21:01:44

I think that it is life on Saturn. But what do I know. I live
under the cloudy skys over ... :) Wonderful picutres.
Almost fractal like in structure but much smoother. Its
interesting that everthing else around the storm remains
smooth and undisturbed. That would be Saturnian life if it
is alive. There is certainly alot of energy in the storm.
What ever it is.

Contest Poster Winners
Kevin S. Moore      
01-09-2008  23:55:16

Congrats to all the winners. This type of contest should also be offered
to schools.. such as k though 12. That might spark an even greater
interest in Cassini's Mission. It is " selected catatgory " I know, but,
I would be really interested in what a 6/12 year old would have to say about
Cassini's ..movies and Pics. Now.. what was it Yoda said about the
mind of a child? humm.. I can't remember.. It will come back to me later I am
shure. ..grin..!

Kevin, 2nd shift. Go Cassini!

Sliding Shadows
Kevin S. Moore      
12-15-2007  23:47:17

Now I am shure. Just like in the city I live in, the shawdows must have
some effect on what climate occurse below it. Wonder just what the thermo
reads are from the shadows cast in the atmostphere by Saturn's rings?

Well? Huh? Anybody? Spectrograph.. please! The color in visble light
is of course wonerful to see as well.

Kevin 2nd Shift

Gores in the Strands
Kevin S. Moore      
11-29-2007  23:09:00

Then we have absolutly no doubt that it is Prometheus that cause's in part,
the brading of the F-Ring as was observered in the Voyager 2 photos. Cassini
gives us a better resolution than Voyager. That is not a bad thing.. it is
a better result. Excellent. Go Cassini..!


2nd shift worker at the hospital..

Flight over Iapetus
Kevin S. Moore      
11-28-2007  23:44:20

Riding shot gun in the ksy.. awsome. I voted on this one.

Kevin 2nd shift.

Kevin S. Moore      
11-26-2007  21:47:34

I vote for this picture. Did I just say that? Humm..I love the snow ball
but wonder if the particals that make up Saturn rings are really round.

Kevin 2nd shift

Titan in False Color
Kevin S. Moore      
11-26-2007  21:42:44

I vote for this picture. I relish the first discoverys by Cassini.

Planet Wars
Kevin S. Moore      
11-26-2007  21:35:24

I vote for this movie. Shows an exceptional sense of humor .. haha. by
often very tired scientists with endless collections of data on their
the mind.

Kevin 2nd ****

Cloud Phantoms
Kevin S. Moore      
08-08-2007  23:21:08

This is another beautiful detail of Saturn's atmosphere. I gave it a 10 rating.
It looks as though you could just dive right into the clouds. Would be a rather
cold experience.. GRIN. The detail of the cloud structure is amazing. The infared
even seems to make it almost 3d like in Black and White. I would like to see
some digital artist take this and put color to it. Cassini is definity floating
high; sails raised full in the cosmic ocean!

Kevin 2nd shift

Spoke Set
Kevin S. Moore      
06-05-2007  23:50:14

Here is where the real science is going on.. ! WOW! What are they? The Spokes?
Where do they come from? Can you believe your own eyes? Have I see this before
on earth? Like on a LP record .. spinning.. wonders of wonders. Those spokes
are moving are they not? Vibrating like a guitar strings. 12 strings.. awsome!

a 2nd shifter

Northern Bands
Kevin S. Moore      
04-27-2007  23:03:14

How fast is it rotating? Looks a little like the bands in the Saturn atmostphere.
Very interesting photo. Is it common for all these gas's to react this way in
such a very cold environment? Methane is it not? Think what this could do for
the energy needs on earth if we could tap into this.. with of course a
environmental consevation policy. After following the all the success of
Cassini.. the photo data, I cannot look at our own grand canyon without
thinking about Titian. With the sparse data Huygens sent to us via the Cassini
mission it is far far beyond into the next generation. In other words, it was
fountains of information! The oceans of the Cosmos are deep .. Captian.

Kevin... 2nd shift

Giant Lake on Titan
Kevin S. Moore      
03-03-2007  18:54:01

I hope the treat is icecream! ( Just Kidding but.. ) Then again just what is that?
Huh? Mystery of the lakes.. if that is what it really is.. ?

Kevin.. 2nd shift no doubt that there is a lot of it on Titian.. what do you
think? Go Cassini..!!!

Sixty-Four Scenes From Saturn
Kevin S. Moore      
01-04-2007  23:05:46

Now now, all you have to do is put a music CD in the player and watch the magic
of Cassini unfold in your movie. You are way beyound the Beatles. Far beyound.
But then it was not magic was it! It is the science and it is real!! I chose
to listen to Beethoven.

Kevin, 2nd shift

Go Cassini!!