CICLOPS: Cassini Imaging Central Laboratory for OPerationS
Sector 6

Visions of Saturn Danced in Our Heads
01-05-2015  01:42:21

Carolyn, this is one of the best entries here. What you said there is a quintessence of why I'm coming back to this place. You, CICLOPS allow us to travel in space together with Cassini and you make us feel as if we were really there, it's astonishing - thank you for that. It's a little late for Christmas wishes but not too late for New Years - I wish you more beautiful discoveries and a long long journey for Cassini, you and all of us!

The Day The Earth Smiled
11-13-2013  07:47:26

Absolutely stunning photo! a pity you didn't mention about three moons visible here ;) great job anyway!