CICLOPS: Cassini Imaging Central Laboratory for OPerationS
Sector 6

A Very Special Day in the Life of Planet Earth
07-24-2013  07:01:32

Whenever my head gets a little swelled with self-importance, one look at this image will immediately remind me of our importance in the Universe.
A Great Northern Storm
07-07-2011  13:57:55

Absolutely stunning Images!
BTW, your news releases and images have a very devout following here in Rochester, NY.!

I give presentations on Astronomy in several senior homes, and each presentation starts with an update of the Cassini mission.
The senior residents follow your story very much like a serial TV show. Each satellite, moonlet and feature is for them like a character in a movie series and each has it's fans.

Thank you for keeping them coming!!

Enceladus "Rev 121" Flyby Raw Preview #5
11-22-2009  06:27:53

I find it curious that erosion-like patterns are only found on the sides facing the top of the image. The sides of the features facing the bottom of the page appear to be smooth.
Looks a bit like wind erosion with a very predominent wind coming from the top of the image.

Enceladus Raw Preview
04-25-2007  14:36:10

I never tire of seeing these images and each one only spikes my curiosity more than the last one. Excellent work again.!