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Sector 6

Golf Sector 6
08-30-2011  14:07:27

wow, i totally got sucked into this game! i love how simple/bare-bones it is, but how much it makes you think in terms of gravity and elliptical orbits, etc. and especially love getting lost in the pictures of the moons during those long, slow drives around low-gravity moons. :)

i hope you guys keep adding new courses, and maybe a customizable player feature... or possibly a multi-player feature (up to four players at once? that way i could get my whole office around the computer at lunch for a round.

just wanted to shout-out that i scored a PERFECT GAME on the front 9! i was jumping up and down in my office chair! :)

thanks again for a great free game
08-29-2011  11:56:25

lol, nevermind, found it *facepalm*
08-29-2011  11:55:10

how do you view the high-scores? is there a page i'm not seeing? if there's not one, could you guys please add one?

great game btw, very addictive!