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Sector 6

Moon, Shadow and Rings
01-01-2010  08:42:42

I know: Thank-you!

Special Holiday Raw Preview!
12-27-2009  20:02:43

Those shots of Prometheus are simply beautiful in their simplicity and detail. I thought I was done with potatoes for the year, thanks Cassini team!

Towering Edge Waves Pop Into View
06-12-2009  06:53:26

Stunning. The waves remind me of a speedboat cutting through a clear lake. Why are the scallops only preceding the on one side and not the other? It's as though the ring particles are preparing for the moon's imminent passing with a cheer, while the other side doesn't get happy till Daphnis has gone by. Is this to do with Saturn's gravity?
In any case you've once again captured the attention and the imagination of the world. My kids (12 and 5) were blown away.
Common Questions
04-08-2009  06:28:18

I believe this is a misprint (from the 1st paragraph), but you'd think we'd notice if Saturn moved into the moon's orbit...
"When Saturn appears overhead at midnight in our night sky, it is typically about 1.3 billion kilometers (808,000 miles) away."
On the other hand, it'd be a lot less expensive to study!!

Above the Storms
02-14-2008  08:00:39

Beautiful, and remarkably similar to a Voyager shot

Tethys Flyby Raw Preview #4
07-01-2007  07:12:02

In between the 9 o'clock and 10 o'clock on the outside of the great impact basin, there's a very straight protrusion, bisected by an odd shape. Dust in the filter?

Brilliant Ice Dust
02-15-2007  10:38:29

For some reason, I had missed this image and seeing it now, for the first time, is breathtaking. Just as Jason said before, when someone asks why I am into something that's so well beyond my reach, I show them images like this one (now first on my list), and wait for them to ask to show them more :)