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Sector 6

Pluto’s Majestic Mountains, Frozen Plains and Foggy Hazes
09-19-2015  23:35:22

just stunning. more proof of the absolute beauty and diversity of our remarkable solar system. congrats to the new horizons team for their well earned success and for these extraordinary images.

06-02-2015  21:47:47

What beautiful images of this bizarre and wondrous moon. A fitting farewell to Hyperion from Cassini!

Swirls and Shadows
05-20-2015  11:01:58

What a remarkable picture. Thanks Cassini!!!

The Tale Continues...
02-03-2014  13:03:56

another kodak moment from cassini. the two most likely places for microbial life in the solar system captured together. Wow!!!

Round and Round
02-03-2014  13:02:05

what a beautiful shot of saturn. reminiscent of satellite images of our own planet.

Closest Dione Flyby
01-16-2012  22:35:55

What a beautiful image. Prometheus and Epimetheus make nice additions for the dione flyby.We get three moons for the price of one.

Hiding Little Brother
11-14-2011  19:29:39

What a beautiful image. More proof of the complexity and serenity of the Saturnian system. Thanks Cassini.

Helene 'Rev 149' Raw Preview #1
06-20-2011  16:08:48

Awesome closeup of Helene. A strange, yet beautiful small moon.

Bright Moons, Dark Planet
06-20-2011  15:56:15

Just a beautiful convergence of very diverse moons. Thanks Cassini!!!!

Rhea 'Rev 143' Raw Preview #1
01-13-2011  11:04:15

Nice shot of Rhea with the added bonus of the rings and 3 other moons. Way to go Cassini!

Enceladus 'Rev 142' Raw Preview #4
12-21-2010  17:42:10

Lovely shot of Enceladus and the rings!!!! Awesome!

Hyperion 'Rev 141' Raw Preview #4
12-03-2010  17:44:31

What a peculiar, spongelike moon. It's amazing the diverse worlds the Saturnian system possesses.Thanks Cassini!

Enceladus 'Rev 141' Raw Preview #3
12-03-2010  17:42:01

Again, another nice kodak moment with Enceladus and the rings. Cool ring shadows too!!!

Enceladus 'Rev 141' Raw Preview #4
12-03-2010  17:40:22

Beautiful closeup of Enceladus.THe rings in the background add a nice touch to the image. Way to go Cassini!!!

Cruising Past Janus
07-17-2010  16:59:58

It's almost like a cosmic ballet dance between these two small ringmoons. Fantastic images. Hope to see more of these two moons in the future.

Study in Contrasts
07-17-2010  16:53:57

Lovely shot of Titan and Dione.Cassini shows us the dazzling variety of worlds that inhabit the Saturnian system.

Daphnis Rev 134 Raw Preview
07-06-2010  16:26:33

Very nice detailed images of the waves and Daphnis.Andrew is right, it is nice to see Daphnis other than an undistinguishable point of light.Awesome!!!

Cutting Off Rhea
06-23-2010  16:39:08

nice view of the rings, Rhea, and Prometheus.Cassini does it again!

Dione and Ghostly Titan
06-22-2010  16:08:32

Just another example of the diverse collection of worlds in the Saturnian system. A nice blend of both science and art.

Enceladus "Rev 131" Flyby Raw Preview #7
06-06-2010  10:30:16

Fantastic shots of Enceladus'geysers.It is no wonder you won the Carl Sagan Award.Thus far the Cassini mission has been worth every penny.Thanks for delivering us these wonderful images.

Rings, Rhea and Janus
05-29-2010  09:08:10

Congrats on winnig the Carl Sagan Award. Nice image of Janus and Rhea.

Special Holiday Raw Preview #2
05-15-2010  18:31:28

I'm shocked and amazed over how such a small moon could produce such amazing geysers. What a great image!!!

Enceladus "Rev 129" Raw Preview #1
05-15-2010  18:28:01

What a fascinating little moon!!!

Janus "Rev 129" Flyby Raw Preview #1
04-10-2010  09:41:42

One of the best images to date of Janus.

Epimetheus "Rev 129" Flyby Raw Preview #1
04-10-2010  09:40:29

Nice closeup image of Epimetheus. Nice to see images of this co-orbital moon.

Cratered Spud
03-22-2010  09:03:31

The detail on Prometheus is remarkable. Thanks Cassini!!!

Helene "Rev 127" Flyby Raw Preview #2
03-12-2010  17:39:13

Nice photo fo Helene with Saturn in the background. Similar to a dramatic cloesup photo of Janus.
03-03-2010  18:06:17

Another example of Cassini's awesome capabilities. What a great closeup of Helene and various craters on its rugged surface.

Enceladan Tectonics
03-02-2010  13:57:57

What a fsacinating and surprising moon Enceladus is turning out to be. The detail is remarkable. I sure hope someday humans are lucky enough to go to Saturn personally andsee these wonderful sights for themselves.

Mimas "Rev 126" Flyby Raw Preview #1
02-26-2010  16:33:58

"Thats's no moon, its a space station!!!!"

02-25-2010  10:31:21

Are the rings of Rhea to faint to be detected even by Cassini or could be captured like Jupiter's rings:backlit by the sun?

Bursting at the Seams
02-23-2010  17:08:17

In respone to PiperPilot,
Maybe we will someday and personally enjoy these fantastic sights.
02-23-2010  17:07:05

This unique view from Cassini makes me think I am right along the spacecraft watching these fantastic plumes.

Enceladus "Rev 121" Flyby Raw Preview #9
02-21-2010  14:49:42

I wonder by studying the faults and fissures on Enceladus, could we learn more about the behavior of mid-ocean ridges and plate boundaries on our own planet?

Brilliant Pan
02-21-2010  14:36:27

A nice shot of Pan and its home in the Encke Gap.The detail is amazing.

Superb Janus
02-21-2010  12:52:43

This has to be one of the best closeup shots of Janus to date.

At Last ... 'Star Trek' Opens!
02-21-2010  12:45:05

Dear Dr.Porco,
Loved the movie. The scene with the Enterprise emerging out of Titan in full view of the majestic rings was awesome. You do deserve a cameo in a potential Star Trek sequel.
From Tornado Rob

Titan Beyond the Rings
02-21-2010  12:18:14

This is one of my all time favorite Cassini images. Get two moons for the price of one.Just shows the wonderful variety of worlds surrounding Saturn.

Dazzling Color
02-21-2010  12:16:09

What a spectacular sight. No artist on Earth can come close to replicating such natural beauty as the Saturnian system.