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Sector 6

Visions of Saturn Danced in Our Heads
12-24-2014  14:02:27

I can't help but notice that the "beloved and skilled" Michael Carroll didn't even think to shape and contour the 2 mile high towering wall of rubble so that it matched the shadows he created for them. The edges are shaped like smooth, rolling hills, while the shadows, consistent with the actual photographs, show sharp, jagged, craggy peaks. So once again, as with almost all "conceptual artists" in the astronomical field, this artist's conception falls short of doing the concept justice. Not at all impressed.

At Last ... 'Star Trek' Opens!
01-14-2010  16:15:58

Oh geeeezzzz... I'm so sorry! I thought I'd read that JPL had something to do with it. Well, Apologies for my foolishness!!

So Congratulations to YOU and YOU ALONE for your involvement in the making of the movie!! You obviously gave some great science advice!
01-14-2010  05:19:10

I too love the Star Trek series, although TOS was a little hard for me to swallow. I guess I'm just too young to have appreciated it. But TNG was an obsession of mine - and made Patrick Stewart one of my all time favorite actors.

Someone commented very negatively on the whole "rewriting of history" deal, and how they hoped this movie would "soon be forgotten". I don't agree. Come on man (as Bones would say - lol) , it's the last damn Star Trek movie that's ever gonna be made Jim! The afformentioned critic has obviously not taken into account the "quantum possibilities" that exist in a world where there are 2 Spocks and the fabric of space/time can be manipulated! They could've blown up the Earth in this one and it would still be possible to bring it back somehow later on!

Congratulations to JPL and all involved in the making of the movie. I really tripped out when I saw the ship rise up out of the Titan smog. That was awsome!

Regards, and best of luck with all real-life missions, present and future!