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Sector 6

Colorful Colossuses and Changing Hues
08-29-2012  17:05:14

Wow.....those are Nice!
Sooooo much prettier than those pathetic pictures from that danged old up-staging usurper of a 'rover'......Yes, soo much prettier (There? Feel Better, Carolyn? I know how you ladies get....)

Saturn Storm Rev 142 Raw Preview
12-27-2010  21:08:58

redmoon! Haven't you HEARD? The 'Monolith' has been moved to Mars' Moon Phobos!
If you look long enough, you'll find the doctored images - the ones where they've photoshoped it into what they want to see: a big white version of the 2001: A Space Odessey black monolithe.
No worries though: those geysers on Enceladus are powered by the (engines idling) starship that our Alien Pals buried there for us!
Didn't know that, did you? It's a "conspiracy", you see.....
Have we discovered evidence for life on Titan?
06-12-2010  09:40:00

What we need to do here is experiment - thinking like the guy who detected the xtremophiles in the south african gold ore vein, by constructing a box that would maintain the (deadly - at least for US) conditions within said vein, after he'd collected them and taken them back to the lab.
If there is some kind of life on Titan, than things are looking up for panspermia; and it may be that more than just Earth-type life (archea; with, say, polychaeate methane-hydrite worms being a 'first animal' evolutionary spin off) is transported about by comets and asteroids.
Thus, we should create a chamber that recreates Titan - or even Europa (all those things growing in Antarctic Ice - not to mention Chlathates!), and then 'innoculate' it with material from, say, a 'pristene' Antarctic Chondrite - or even some 'Stardust' Dust; then see what happens.
It's also interesting to note that Metabolism, in Bacteria, has been proven to occur - 80C.; that, at those temps, a few water molecules, in small pockets, remain unbound to the crystalline latice (they stay 'liquid') - possibly accounting for the former; and that an animal life form was recently dredged up from one of the Mediteraneans Deep ANOXIC Zones.
It had was clearly did NOT, somehow, need Oxygen to have more than one cell......etc..

Bizarre Temperatures on Mimas
03-29-2010  16:21:05

Well, well. We seem to have a 'too hot' moon problem, don't we?
A theory regarding Enceladus was in New Scientist last week; it specualted that there was some kind of 'inversion' going on, in which deeper, warming bits of the moon 'burst upward' (or something like that) every few million years, bringing deep warmth to the surface, and powering the geysers.
I'm still hopin it's a burried Obilysk - or, at least, a nice interstellar space ship with the engine 'idling', while it waits for us to develope a REAL Space Program.

Prometheus "Rev 125" Flyby Raw Preview
01-28-2010  13:12:02

I don't know which way 'forward' - orbitally speaking - is; but it almost looks like Prometheus is picking up some of white fluffy stuff from the Geysers on Enceladus; rather like Iapetus has been.
Too bad, that: I was hoping for a Giant Obelysk with a STAR GATE inside it, i don't know about you!

Dichotomies on Iapetus
12-11-2009  13:26:26

But, but.....where's the Obilisk? Ha, Ha. BTW; SciFi fans, I've just started a short fiction piece where, instead of a Star Gate on Iapetus, we find a Starship burried under the Ice of Enceladus - one whose Total Anihilation Power Supply is so hot (even on 'idle') that is causing the Geysers.
Sir Clark would smile!

Enceladus "Rev 120" Flyby Raw Preview #2
11-03-2009  15:35:46

I wonder how much - if any, of the radiation signature of the ejecta is due to some type of Ionizing Radiation, as it alomost looks like there's a kind of very faint aurora like effect coming from a distnct band; as the effcet could represent the place where the newly risen sunlight would temporarily ionize such a narrow band, above the surface of the planet.