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At Last ... 'Star Trek' Opens!
12-15-2009  14:23:37

Sorry I mixed up the episode titles star trek copied from. It is
Star Trek Voyager's Year of Hell parts 1 and 2
06-23-2009  10:55:33

Also the federation isn't supposed to know what a romulan looks like until Balence of Terror. The Romulan war was settled by subspace radio.
06-23-2009  10:53:58

I hated this movie! I can not stress this enough! Everything I was curious about just got deleted by time travel. What about Robert April, Christopher Pike's two missions on the Enterprise, Number One, Samuel Kirk and his family, Ruth and Finnigan, John Gill, Gary Michell, Captain Garrivick and the USS Farrigut (the cloud monster), Lt. Riley and the Kodos massacre, Janice Rand, Carol Marcus and David. Among others just deleted. This isn't Gene Roddenbury's Star trek it s Abrams.
Also the story has major holes in it. Why does the Romulan villian wait around 24 years for spock? He can go to Romulus warn his people and prepare them. Also he can give his ship for them to study and defeat the Federation.
The story is taken from Star trek Voyager's weapon ship from A few more calculations and Endgame.
The end fight scene is from a number of star trek movies. Generations for one.
Terminator was better. perhaps Serena is Sarah.