CICLOPS: Cassini Imaging Central Laboratory for OPerationS
Imaging Science Subsystem (ISS)
The Cassini Imaging Science System was specifically designed for exploring the Saturn system, and includes spectral filters and imaging capabilities for a multitude of scientific objectives, including capturing lightning, investigating the three dimensional cloud structure and meteorology of the Saturn and Titan atmospheres, imaging the surfaces of its many icy satellites, determining the composition and structure of its enormous ring system, and peering through the hazy Titan atmosphere down its still unexplored surface.

The ISS consists of two framing cameras. The narrow angle camera is a reflecting telescope with a focal length of 2000 mm and a field of view of 0.35 degrees. The wide angle camera is a refractor with a focal length of 200 mm and a field of view of 3.5 degrees. Each camera is outfitted with a large number of spectral filters which, taken together, span the electromagnetic spectrum from 2000 Angstroms to 1.1 microns. At the heart of each camera is a charged coupled device (CCD) detector consisting of a 1024 square array of pixels, each 12 microns on a side. The data system allows many options for data collection, including choices for on-chip summing and data compression.

Illustration of Cassini's two cameras mounted on the Remote Sensing Platform

For a detailed description of the Imaging Science Subsystem, its observational capabilities, and the Cassini Imaging Team's science objectives at Saturn, see the Imaging Team's report "Cassini Imaging Science: Instrument Characteristics and Anticipated Scientific Investigations at Saturn," published in 2004 in the journal Space Science Reviews.

For additional information about the Cassini spacecraft, its mission and instruments, see JPL's Cassini site.

While the Imaging Science Team was responsible for guiding the development of the cameras and ensuring their scientific utility, the following individuals at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory played major roles in the actual building and testing of the cameras between the years 1990 and 1997:

Adams, LloydOptics Engineer
Aguirre, AndreaSecretary
Aragon, JimQuality Assurance Lead
Armstrong, MikeExpeditor
Aveni, GlenContamination Control
Avis, CharlesScience Data Processing
Azevedo, SteveEnvironmental Test Lab
Bailey, EdwardInstrumentation
Beckert, DonnaElectronics Assembly
Belzer, PaulEnvironmental Test Lab
Bickler, TomElectronics Design
Blackhall, GordonMechanical Design
Boatman, DavidEnvironmental Test Lab
Bousman, JohnElectronics Technician
Boyles, Mark A.System Engineer
Bruneau, PeterMechanical Design
Bulharowski, JohnElectronics Design
Burleson, HenryElectronics Design
Bursch, TomDetector Development
Campbell, JohnSystem Engineer
Collins, PatrickEnvironmental Test Lab
Collins, AndyDetector Development
Cox, TimMechanical Design
Dalton, Ann S.System Engineer
Day, DarrylElectronics Technician
Dea, TomElectronics Packaging
Debusk, BobElectro-Mechanical Technician
Del Castillo, ArtElectronic Engineer
Dunn, Donald E.Detector Development
Elliott, Stythe T.Detector Development
Fatehi, PerryElectronic Engineer
Fisher, TerryEnvironmental Test Lab
Flores, CarolinaElectronics Technician
Fraschetti, GeorgeDetector Development
Gerhard, JamesGround System Engineer
Girard, Michael A.Software Development
Gunter, StevenMechanical Design PEM
Harris, WilliamDeputy Project Manager
Hartford, WayneOpto-Mechanical Technician
Hetzel, MarkMechanical Design
Hoffman, PamThermal Engineer
Hoffman, AlReliability
James, GeoffreyDetector Development
Janesick, JamesDetector Development
Johnston, John Electronics Technician
Kahn, CynthiaSystem Engineer PEM
Kaki, SaidElectronics PEM
Kennedy, JoanneSchedule Administrator
Kennedy, John A.Quality Assurance
King, WilliamSystem Engineer
Kobzeff, PeterElectronic Technician
Koch, JohnReliability Engineer
Koehler, JohnMechanical Design
Kovac, RobertMachine Shop
Kwack, Euy-yunThermal Engineer
Landeros, JessIntegration & Test
Lane, MarkMechanical Engineer
Laugen, GeoffEnvironmental Test Lab
Lee, WenElectronics Engineer
Leung, PhilEnvironmental Test Lab
Lievense, GregoryExpeditor
Livermore, ThomasProject Manager
Lurie, BorisElectronics Engineer
Macenka, SteveOptics Engineer
MacNeal, PaulMechanical Engineer
Mannat, KenUV Calibration
Mardesich, NickDetector Development
Marshall, Sarah L.Quality Assurance
Martin, Pat Environmental Test Lab
McCann, TimothyDetector Development
Miller, David C.Mechanical Engineer
Motts, EdwardOptical Calibration
Narvaez, PabloEnvironmental Test Lab
Ottley, PriscillaExpeditor
Peer, BillEnvironmental Test Lab
Perrin, KaleeSecretary
Perry, DougInstrumentation
Pham, ThangReliability Engineer
Pourangi, AliElectronics Engineer
Poyorena, EugeneQuality Assurance
Raouf, NasratFilter Calibration
Romo, Elizabeth J.Electronic Parts PEM
Sachse, MikeEnvironmental Test Lab
Scaff, DavidIntegration & Test
Scharton, TerryEnvironmental Test Lab
Schwochert, MarkOptic-Mechanical Engineer
Shaw, Hui-YinSoftware Quality Assurance
Shellman, MitchContracts
Snyder, LeonardOptics PEM
Sorci, Peter L.Quality Assurance
Steimle, LarryCalibration
Sucy, MikeExpeditor
Thiessen, DavidOpto-Mechanical Engineer
Thiessen, PatriciaFinancial Administrator
Voeltz, JoeMechanical Fabrication
Wallis, BradUV Calibration
Warfield, RobertaSecretary
Werner, TimEnvironmental Test Lab
Woo, BobbieSoftware
Yagi, GarySoftware
Yoshimizu, JanSoftware
Young, SimeonEnvironmental Test Lab
Zanteson, RichardMechanical Technician