CICLOPS: Cassini Imaging Central Laboratory for OPerationS
Galileo (PIA 02550-02599)


Ongoing Volcanic Eruption at Tvashtar Catena, Io




Temperature Map of Pele, Io




Earth Mars Comparison




Caldera-like depression on Ganymede




Europa's Frozen Surface




Snapshots of Chaac: Io's calderas up close




Europa Impact Crater




Ganymede dark terrain at high resolution




Not-so-smooth bright terrain of Harpagia Sulcus




Hot Spots on Io




Stereo Image of Tvashtar Catena, Io




Very High Resolution View of Io's Surface




Region of Ganymede with mix of terrains




Stair-step scarps in dark terrain on Ganymede




Northern Plume and Plume Deposits on Io




Stereo Image of Zal Patera and Neighboring Mountain, Io




Camaxtli Patera, An Active Volcanic Center on Io




Regional view of bright and dark terrain




Opposite Side of Callisto from Valhalla Impact




Colorized View of Zal Region, Io




Io's Prometheus Volcano at Various Resolutions




Ganymede feature resembling Europa




Eruption at Tvashtar Catena on Io




Io's Tvashtar Area in Infrared: Multiple Lava Flows




Shamshu Mons and Patera, Io




Sources of Volcanic Plumes Near Prometheus




Comparison of Ganymede and Europa features




Amirani's Big Lava Flow on Io




Io's Loki in Infrared: Hot Edge




Highest-Resolution Picture of Io




Io's Chain of Craters




Perspective view of Arbela Sulcus, Ganymede




Tohil Mons, Io




Io's Pele Glowing in the Dark




Lava Flows and Ridged Plains at Prometheus, Io




Giant Lava Flow on Io, in Color




Bright-Dark terrain boundary, Ganymede




Slumping Cliff on Io in High Resolution




Myriad of Hot Spots on Io




Galileo Takes a Close-up Look at Prometheus




Bright-Dark terrain boundary in stereo




Galileo and Cassini Image Two Giant Plumes on Io




Lava Channel at Io's Emakong Patera




Sulphur Dioxide on the Chaac Region of Io




Ammonia Ice near Jupiter's Great Red Spot




Bright-dark boundary and topographical model




Io's Nighttime Heat




Colorful Tupan Patera, Io




Arbela Sulcus flyover movie