CICLOPS: Cassini Imaging Central Laboratory for OPerationS
Galileo (PIA 02097-02549)


Sulfuric Acid on Europa




Pele's glow




Mountains on Io




Jupiter small satellite montage




Rifting at Hi'iaka Patera, Io?




Changes at Pillan Patera




Pele's Hot Caldera Margin




Eruption from High Latitude Caldera Viewed by the Near-Infrared Mapping Spectrometer (NIMS)




Best images yet of Thebe, Amalthea and Metis




Loki Patera/NIMS




Masubi Plume on Io




Ongoing Geologic Activity at Prometheus Volcano, Io




Earth-Based Observations of a Fire Fountain on Io




Bright Streak on Amalthea








Migrating Volcanic Plumes on Io




Collapsing Mountains on Io




Earth-based images of the Fall 1999 Loki Eruption




Highest resolution of lava flows on Io




Prometheus silicates/sulfur dioxide/NIMS




Close-up of Zamama, Io (color)




Loki as viewed by Galileo NIMS




Galileo PPR temperature maps of Loki in October 1999




Terrain near Io's south pole, in color




Culann Patera/NIMS




Close-up of Prometheus, Io (color)




Io's Prometheus Regions as Viewed by Galileo NIMS




Interpreted Lava Fountains on Io




Culann Patera, Io, in false color




Eruption at Tvashtar Catena, Io, in color




Amirani-Maui: Longest Known Active Lava Flow in the Solar System




Galileo NIMS Observes Amirani




Ionian Mountains and Calderas, in Color




1997 Lava Flows Near Pillan Patera, Io




Sulfur Gas in Pele's Plume




Cloud Features North of Jupiter's Equator




Highest Resolution Image Ever Obtained of Io




Reconstruction of Scrambled Io Images




Zal Patera, Io, in color




Lava Flows at Zamama, Io




The Role of Sulfur in Io's Volcanoes




Clouds and Hazes of Jupiter's Southern Hemisphere




Global image of Io (true color)




Galileo discovers caldera at Prometheus Volcano, Io




Bright Channelized Lava Flows on Io




Europa's Jupiter-Facing Hemisphere




Changes Observed in Just 4.5 Months at Prometheus, Io




Temperature Map of Io's Night Side




Thera and Thrace on Europa




Global image of Io (false color)




Closeups of Io (false color)




Galileo's Near-Infrared Mapping Spectrometer Detects Active Lava Flows at Prometheus Volcano, Io




Lava Fountains on Io




Europa: Sea Salts or Battery Acid




Bright Lava Flows at Emakong Patera, Io




Temperature Comparison at Loki