CICLOPS: Cassini Imaging Central Laboratory for OPerationS
Galileo (PIA 01600-01669)


Time Series of Jupiter's Aurora




Anatomy of a Torn Comet




Perspective View of Bright Ridges in Uruk Sulcus




Callisto: Pits or Craters?




Mitten shaped region of Chaotic Terrain on Europa




Historic Merger of Storms on Jupiter




Pedestal craters Gula and Achelous on Ganymede




Time Series of Jupiter's Aurora




Kittu Dark Ray Crater




Jupiter's Ring System




So few Small Craters on Callisto




Double Ridges, Dark Spots, and Smooth Icy Plains on Europa




Large Impact Structures on Europa




Time Series of Jupiter's Aurora




A Tumultuous Past for Ganymede's Dark Terrain




Jupiter's Main Ring and Halo




Callisto's Varied Crater Landscape




Cracks and Ridges Distorted by Europan Fault Motion




Sequence Showing Active Volcanic Plumes on Io




Topography around Europa's Cilix crater




Time Series of Jupiter's Aurora




Fractures in Nicholson Regio




Jupiter's Gossamer Ring Structure




The Tyre multi-ring Structure on Europa




A Record of Crustal Movement on Europa




Rugged Terrain on Europa




Highest Resolution mosaic of Io




Close-up color view of Io




"Calderas" on Ganymede?




Shapes of the Small Inner Satellites of Jupiter




Asgard Multi-Ring Structure on Callisto




San Andreas-sized Strike-slip Fault on Europa




Rugged Terrain on Europa in 3-D Stereo




Three dimensional view of Double Ridges on Europa




Io imaging during Galileo's 24th orbit




Swaths of Grooved Terrain on Ganymede




Scale Comparison of the Inner Small Satellites of Jupiter




Io in Eclipse reveals High Temperature Hot Spots




The San Andreas Fault and a Strike-slip Fault on Europa




Red-Blue Three dimensional view of Pwyll crater




Completing a Global Map of Ganymede




Highly Fractured Dark and Bright Terrain




Comparison of Amalthea to Io




Changing Lightning Storms on Jupiter




Agenor Linea at High Resolution




Europa, Ganymede, and Callisto: Surface comparison at high spatial resolution




Ganymede's Trailing Hemisphere




Dark-floored Impact Craters on Ganymede




Marius Regio, Ganymede




Jupiter's Inner Satellites and Ring Components




Io's Aurorae




Agenor Linea in Color




Crater Tindr on Callisto - an oblique impact?




Io's Pele Hemisphere After Pillan Changes




High Latitude "Bright" and "Dark" Terrains on Ganymede




Regional View of Ganymede




Jupiter's Main and Gossamer Ring Structures




Jovian Lightning and the Daytime Storm




Impact Craters on Icy Callisto: Doh crater and Asgard




Dome crater Neith on Jupiter's satellite Ganymede




Key Volcanic Centers on Io




Fresh Impact Craters on Ganymede




Morning in Tiamat Sulcus




Textured Terrain in Callisto's Asgard Basin




Water Cloud Thunderstorm Northwest of Great Red Spot




The Valhalla Multi-ring Structure on Callisto




Buto Facula - A palimpsest on Ganymede




Model of Europa's Subsurface Structure




Dynamics after Historic Merger of Storms on Jupiter