CICLOPS: Cassini Imaging Central Laboratory for OPerationS
Galileo (PIA 01054-01098)


Palimpsest secondary craters on Ganymede




Changes on Io between Voyager 1 and Galileo's second orbit around an unnamed vent North of Prometheus




A Jovian Hotspot in True and False Colors (Time set 1)




Khensu Crater on Ganymede




Secondary Craters on Ganymede




Changes on Io around Volund between Voyager 1 and Galileo's second orbit




Color Mosaic and Active Volcanic Plumes on Io




Complex Tectonism on Ganymede




Fractures in Transitional Terrain on Ganymede




Galileo's First Image of Amalthea




Possible Internal Structures of the Galilean Satellites




Geologic Evidence of Internal Activity on Europa




Voyager-to-Galileo Changes, Io's Anti-Jove Hemisphere




Turbulent Region Near Jupiter's Great Red Spot




Har Crater on Callisto




Global View of Io (Natural and False/Enhanced Color)




Four Galileo Views of Amalthea




Flow-like Features On Europa




Io Degassing from sub- and anti-Jupiter Regions




View of Callisto from Voyager and Galileo




Lack of visible change around active hotspots on Io




Two Galileo Views of Thebe




Landslides on Callisto




Ganymede Groove Lanes




Changes around Marduk between Voyager, and Galileo's first two orbits




Family Portrait of the Small Inner Satellites of Jupiter




Grooved Terrain in Nippur Sulcus on Ganymede




Jovian Lightning and Moonlit Clouds




A Polar Crater on Ganymede




Changes on Io around Maui and Amirani between Voyager 1 and Galileo's second orbit




Large impact on Callisto`s southern hemisphere




Geological mysteries on Ganymede




Night Side Jovian Aurora




Bright and Dark Slopes on Ganymede




Changes east of Pele between Galileo's first two orbits




Callisto's Southern Hemisphere




Nergal Crater on Ganymede




A Compositional Map of the Tyre Region of Europa




Grooves and Craters on Ganymede




Active Volcanic Eruptions on Io




Callisto's Southern Hemisphere as Viewed by NIMS & SSI




Fractured Craters on Ganymede




Io Plume Monitoring




Dynamics of Jupiter's Great Red Spot in the near-infrared