CICLOPS: Cassini Imaging Central Laboratory for OPerationS
Galileo (PIA 00600-00746)


Family Portrait of Jupiter's Great Red Spot and the Galilean Satellites




Jupiter's White Ovals/True and False Color




Changes near the Volcano Loki Patera on Io




Time Series of the Great Red Spot (near-infrared filter)




Jupiter's Temperatures--Broad Latitude




Topography of Io (color)




The Galilean Satellites




Jupiter's Main Ring/Ring Halo




Unusual Volcanic Pyroclastic Deposits on Io




The Great Red Spot at Four Different Wavelengths




Jovian Temperatures--Highest Resolution




E4 True and false color hot spot mosaic




Ancient Impact Basin on Europa




Resurfacing of the Jupiter-facing hemisphere of Io




Galileo Resolutions: Ganymede and the San Francisco Bay Area




Jupiter's Temperatures




False Color Aurora




Active Volcanic Plumes on Io




Surface Changes on Io




Context of Europa images from Galileo




Landscape Comparisons - Galilean Satellites




Jupiter Equatorial Region




Io Eclipse/Volcanic Eruption




Three Surface Changes on Io




Mesoscale Waves in Jupiter's Atmosphere




Arizona-sized Io Eruption




Visible Jovian Aurora




Detail of Ganymede's Uruk Sulcus Region as Viewed by Galileo and Voyager




Full Disk Views of Io (Natural and Enhanced Color)




Time changes in Storm Clouds in Jupiter's Atmosphere




Callisto's Equatorial Region




Ganymede Global




Ganymede Color Global




Launch of Galileo on STS-34 Atlantis




Various Landscapes and Features on Europa




Jupiter's Main Ring




Fine Details of the Icy Surface of Ganymede




Pele Comparisons Since 1979




Deployment of Galileo and the IUS




Jupiter's Ring Halo




True Color of Jupiter's Great Red Spot




Io's Pele Hemisphere




Global Images of Earth




Topography and Volcanoes on Io (color)




Jupiter's Gossamer Ring




Massive Resurfacing of the Ionian Volcano Ra Patera




New Territory West of the Great Red Spot




South Polar Projection of Earth




Eclipse Images of Io (3 views)